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BlackWhite is Your Business Helper

BlackWhite is combining all business related activities under one umbrella to give you the most assistance and the best experience we can offer, whether you are a new business, a small Sole Proprietor or the Manager of a company, we know you are ready to take the next steps to move into the more competitive arena.

BlackWhite knows that no business or business concerns are 'black & white' anymore. It is our goal to help you wade through and work within the gray areas to better support your plans for your company.


We begin with getting to know you and your business

BlackWhite is dedicated to give your business our full attention. We begin with a free, short consultation to go over the basics and what you need right now, within 6 months, one year, and beyond. This meeting is usually 45-90 minutes. It can be as thorough or as modest as you like; BlackWhite takes the information you share into confidence, then puts together a Plan Of Action for you.


turning plans into actions

When we meet again, it is to go over a suggested Plan Of Action developed just for your business and the goals you have given us. You may decide to implement the entire plan or a portion of the plan. We are here to assist you at the rate you are ready to proceed. You are the Driver; we are more like the Navigator or GPS.

moving at the speed of y.o.u.

BlackWhite will begin as quickly and as strongly as you want to hit the road. You may determine that some of the Tasks and Actions are things you can do yourself or delegate to someone on your staff, giving your Business Helper and Partner more time to donate to the implementation of more complex and/or time consuming activities in the Plan.


producing results

BlackWhite Business Helper wants you to see results! We know it is important to your peace of mind, your budget, and the future of your company to be 'in the know' and it is important to us to help you understand the results of our efforts. This reporting can be simplified or summarized or shared directly by the way it is retrieved. 

We will determine together how often you want to receive reports during our Plan Of Action Meeting.

DeSign Market

BlackWhite DeSign Market views each piece of a Marketing Campaign as a Tool and you want to have as many tools as possible in your Tool Kit so that when the need arises, you have access to just the right tool. You can envision BW DeSign Market as your Tool Manufacturer or your local Hardware Store that is always open with the ability to create any new tool you need to make your business goal 'work'. 

Utilize DeSign Market as another Partner to your Business Helper - 


Now that you know you have a place to go for any tool you need, you can be a more confident Business Builder!

The DeSign Market is your source for

  • Review of all Marketing Materials (as part of Consult or POA)
  • Updated Marketing Collateral targeting your Plan Of Action
  • New Marketing pieces designed specifically for your Plan Of Action
  • Step-by-Step Guidance to help you meet your Goals


Contact DeSign Market separately to improve your visibility in your market by having your Marketing Materials professionally customized to optimize your results. Contact DeSign Market if you are

  • Looking to Improve your Visibility within your current market
  • Updating your Store to fit your new decor or layout
  • Needing a POP in your current marketing style
  • Attending an Event and need Signage & HandOuts
  • Struggling to find an edge in your Social Media marketing
  • A New Business


About shows2go

Shows2Go Events is a planner/organizer that offers more than a booth space to vendors! We are part of the BlackWhite Business group to give our vendors a better experience before, during and after the shows. We hope you JOIN US!



Guests can spend the day shopping quality vendors at the BW Shows2Go Events. Each show features a mix of hand crafters, local business, their favorite consultants, artists, services and other interesting things like contests, games, live music or areas for kids to give them a pleasant and fun excursion. Admittance includes Entry in our Door Prize Drawings! >>TICKETS Available Soon<< for the next Shows2Go Event!

Prospective Vendors please contact at Show2goEvents@gmail.com to receive invitation to join our next event.


When your company or organization wants to create a stir in the community or have a special event for your employees, BW Shows2Go is the perfect partner, able to take your goals and ideas and turn them into reality! 

From Company Family Picnics to Community Health Fairs to 5K or Sport Events, contact us for the professional assistance you need, whether  it is a consultation, handling every aspect of the event, or any level in between. We're here to help you make the best impression!