HE4L also partners with other people to create Sip & See events - this is also a class option if you are interested in learning about more than one healthy path! Our 1st Sip & See Trio partnered with A Plexus State of Mind & Healing Hands Reiki Studio but we are open to any partner offering natural, organic or energy health options.

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for the HappyEssentials4Life Sip & See Trio!  We learned some new things, tried some new recipes, did a group meditation and had some much needed Girl Time!


I believe HEALTHY & HAPPY begins on the inside!

HappyEssentials4Life classes gives you an introduction to Essential Oils that hopefully lead to a one-on-one chat about what oils you need or want to help heal yourself and your family.

You can start with an Appointment first if you can't attend or set up a class! I am here to make it easy for you to learn about these amazing oils & what they can do!

Use of Essential Oils is becoming more mainstream - most people use them primarily for scent. Scents can affect how you feel or react - they can also affect your health in amazing and miraculous ways IF you are using real oils derived from Mother Earth - that is why it is important to choose your oils carefully when you want to influence your mental or emotional states, induce focus, or keep your spaces healthy during the cold & flu season!

Cheap oils are filled with synthetics, perfumes and fillers. You may like some of the scents but they will not benefit the health of you and your family. I personally dislike the overly-processed smells of the chemicalized 'oils' since I began using real oils.

There is such a difference! I feel like the scents & room fresheners sold somehow dull our sense of smell. They just add more artificial stuff into the air!  

We need purity! Bringing the true scents of Mother Nature into our homes and putting them on our body helps to heal the damage living in this modern world does to our body and our senses.

HE4L uses and promotes doTerra Essential Oils for topical use, ingestion, and in diffusers. Use these highest quality oils in your home, work, at play, as your personal first aid kit, on your family and pets - 

Contact me to set up an appointment for a one-on-one chat or a class for friends & family, club members, a church group, your office staff or HR department, teacher group, etc. for an introduction in how oils can improve your attitude, focus, and overall health.

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