Why HE4Lth?



th: a suffix forming nouns of action (birth) or abstract nouns denoting quality or condition (depth; length; warmth)

I would say Health is both a noun of action and an abstract noun of quality & condition - Perhaps we can argue it is also (or should be) a verb!

I felt it was the perfect name for my blog for Happy Essentials 4 Life!

This blog will focus on Health & Healing of the Body, Mind, Spirit & Essence. It will also contain my own personal questions, beliefs, ideas, general life musings and perhaps a secret or two! 

some examples of the subject matter that will be discussed in HE4Lth - Hope you enjoy reading and sharing!

*Essential Oils     *Chakras     *Reiki     *Using Supplements     *Natural MakeUp

*Alternative Medicine     *Juicing     *Healthy Food Choices (& not)     *Spirit

*My own Weight Loss Journey     *Positive Thinking     *Cause & Effect

*Our Purpose     *Being Grateful     *Meditation     *Sacred Spaces

*Daily Abundance     & More!


What is a Happy Essential for you? 

Please let me know if there is a subject or issue you want discussed!