Monthly Clarity: A Look at Clary Sage


Ok! What woman doesn't need this little miracle worker?

Women of all ages and stages of life benefit from Clary Sage on a monthly & daily basis, whether you need relief from cramps or irritability or you're having 'symptoms' like hot flashes ("personal summers"), sweats, insomnia... you know the drill.

CLARY SAGE helps balance your hormones which is going to make you and everyone around you feel better - but it also makes you feel better mentally & emotionally by promoting a euphoric feeling of well-being.

Amazing SIDE EFFECTS! It boosts your creativity so if you're the crafty sort, look for cool spurts of inspiration. You may also get some bright ideas on your job or come up with a new technique to use around the house!

One side effect that many women report is creative prowess in the bedroom and strong urgings to engage with their partner more frequently (a lot more frequently)! Do you remember the last time you chased your husband around the table?

Are you tired of being a Beast every month (or day)? Want to be a BAE instead? Call me and I'll hook you up - you'll be pleasantly surprised and (very) happy you did! *So will your partner and family!