A Personal Reflection: The End of 2017

Hello Everyone! It's been nearly a couple months since I've been on social media for more than 5 minutes - I have tried to keep up with pix and posts from immediate family only and have fallen short of that! In one way I began to feel a bit disconnected...
and another I felt like I really needed space to myself without the fluff and drama that is our beloved fb, ig, twitter and pinterest ;-)

1. Stay Connected
2. Reserve Your ME Time

They are both so important! We should begin the New Year with some serious ME-TIME to make heartfelt decisions for what we want to accomplish in 2018 while we also give our support and love to those who need and depend on us.
During the last few months in 2017 my Father was in and out of the hospital so often we all dreaded getting a phone call from step-mom! It was a stressful time for Dad & Peggy and us kids and grandkids that grew to expect this was the end for our beloved patriarch.

Dad was put in Hospice in November and passed away 17 days later, right before Thanksgiving. Especially during that time, I was not interested in much else than spending time with him and family - so although I pulled back from social media, ties with family became stronger and we all felt the need to be together but also have time alone to process his death. 

Immediately after his passing, I felt like I was numb and just had no interest in fb or work or much else that wasn't with family or taking that ME time to read, sit and think, cry and pray... I still have days where I seem to zone out and other days I want to talk about it but we are all still processing in our own ways.


This experience has made me want to change some things in my life - to sort of change directions (hop a new train). This will be my mantra for 2018.

While at the Gordon Hospice House here in Statesville, I saw that some people there rarely had a visitor and it made me sad that their last days were so alone.

The next training for volunteers at Hospice House is in the Spring and I expect to be there - so I can visit with people who may not have anyone or limited family there at Hospice and In-Home care. 

It has made me ponder my own belief system - and made me miss talking about spirituality and spending time with like-minded people in church and study. I've always tried to see God in everyday life. Now I miss not doing this more. I used to be in a study/discussion group when I lived in SC but have not found a new group since I moved several years ago. It is time to reach out again and reconnect with my spirit more often.

I am so thankful for my life, my health, my kids and grandkids, my family and friends, having work I truly enjoy that provides my income... I am thankful for the realization that it is not enough for me to 'be a good person' or a spiritual person - I have a need to fill  a purpose- to do more for others. I also need to do more for myself... stop drifting thru my life like silt on a wave. 

I want to be the wave! Be the person that can lift up others as I also pull myself out of the collective waters to see a little higher and be a little better each time I break out...
I feel a poem in there. Where is my pen?


It is my goal to utilize my social media platforms to give positive and loving energy to anyone my posts touch - it is my intention to do this on a weekly basis (and more often when time allows). If you are a follower and see I have missed a post, pls point it out! We need to hold ourselves and others accountable!

Thank you for being part of my social family. Your comments and own reflections or sharing your own mantra or affirmation will be appreciated. #