Finding Ways to Share: Sip & See Class


SHARING MY LOVE OF ESSENTIAL OILS is easy for me bc I am not a shy wallflower, but I do not want to appear overly-excited about them and scare people away with too much information the first time we meet and the subject (or relatable subject) comes up!

The original plan was to have a class and spend an hour enthralling my eager listeners with the wonders of these pure CPTG gifts of nature... ok, I have an active imagination!

But reality did set in and I began to question whether classes were the way I wanted to share and help people - bc helping people is what it really comes down to! We (as a people in the US especially) rely way to much on chemical warfare against whatever ails us - and so many things 'ail us'! We are becoming frighteningly less able to even think of aging gracefully!

So one day my sister calls and says "Hey, you know how we did the Sip & Shop at the Civic Center a couple months ago? How about if we do that on a smaller scale with me, you and someone else - do it at my house?" and we decided to give it a go and send out some invites!

We wanted to theme our Sip & See Trio as healthy and natural and invited a Reiki Master to join us bc energy work & meditation seemed to be a good fit for overall health. It was a first time event for all of us and we went over our limits, didn't stay on subject, forgot things and things to say, etc but we had a terrific time talking about what we love and I believe our guests felt our passion.

Thank you to all our guests for making the class so fun that we definitely want to plan one every month or so - tweaking and improving as we go!

We had eight guests who let us practice on them - they all seemed to have a good time as well. I made Chicken Salad served with two kinds of bread, homemade Hummus with veggies & crackers, Brownies from a box, and we had water and lemonade.

I used doTerra Lemon, Rosemary, Basil, Lime and Peppermint oils (so I didn't follow the recipes exactly - but everything turned out delicious - if you consider hummus delicious lol). I am trying to eat healthier so hummus is on my list! The recipe for it is below.


The Chicken Salad was so good after it sat and chilled - you have to let the flavors mingle, right! See recipe in previous post:  Terrific Summer Fare...

3-4 Drops in a brownie mix is a simple way to get the benefits of Peppermint oil but you can use in your own favorite scratch recipe or try the Black Bean Brownies coming up in a near future post ;)

If you are in NC or within a drivable distance and want to host a Sip & See multi-class in your home, contact me for more information. If you are a service provider or consultant wanting more info on how to host your own Sip & See classes, we are happy to help you.