Terrific Summer Fare Using Flavor-Full Oils

We're always looking for ways to treat our families and friends (and sometimes ourselves!) and it is amazing when doing that is also creating better health for them (and us)!

Remember, not all essential oils are *FOOD GRADE!! doTerra Oils are CPTG which means you can ingest *most of them ;) and since they are so pure, it takes so little to flavor your food better than dried spices + you get the natural health benefits that most dried herbs lack!

Here are a few examples of terrific summer recipes that please our nurturing hearts, benefit our bodies and tantalize the taste buds!!

Want to be a hit at your next cookout or family gathering? Here's a great summer recipe with Lemon & Cilantro oils to try!
**Also try in Bell Pepper shells - YUM!!

recipe with essential oils
stuffed tomatoes with essential oils

*Naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion*
*Supports healthy respiratory function* (allergies)
*Promotes a positive mood* (slump at work)

*Supports healthy digestion when taken internally*
*Powerful cleanser and detoxifier*
*Gives food a fresh flavor*

pineapple skewers recipe
essential oil recipe

This is a simple recipe that can be revised easily to substitute peaches, pears or apples - make them all for variety and everyone can claim their favorite! NOTE the recipe calls for ground cinnamon OR 1 drop of oil (bc doTerra Oils are more potent) but you could substitute Cassia Oil. See the pix below for comparison of these two oils!

Finish off the day with these Citrus Coconut Coolers - so easy to make  and kids & adults love them! Orange - Lime - Coconut!

homemade popsicle with essential oil
lime essential oil recipe
lime essential oil
lime essential oil do terra

Try these all at the same meal or add one to make a meal more special - let us know how your family or friends loved them! If you need to purchase food grade essential oils, please contact me with questions and pricing.