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All Vendors are required to have a BEAUTY - HEALTH or WELLNESS theme - THANK YOU!

This event will Benefit A LOCAL HEALTH NON-PROFIT

This show will be held the Grace Event Center located in Downtown Statesville - neat the Civic Center (just behind the downtown Post Office) Vendor participation is open to include traditional health & medical professionals & service providers, alternative health services, natural products, weight loss clinics & surgical options, healthy food vendors, exercise & fitness classes, gyms, any body-mind-spirit services/shops, beauty & salon services, natural handmade products, 'green' products, any wellness service or programs.

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SELLERS SHOULD VIEW ANY VENDOR SHOW AS A MARKETING TOOL - Just like an ad in the paper, online ads, public signage or fliers posted around town - it has become the best way to promote your brand, product or service to a group of people - and less costly than almost any other type of marketing SO engage the customer with a positive and happy attitude. Sales or New Clients are "icing on the cake" - your enthusiasm for your service or product will be remembered even by those who do not sign-up or purchase at the show! VENDOR REQUIREMENTS 1. ATTENDANCE: Vendors are required to advertise & promote the event! Small vendor shows require a group effort to be successful. Public attendance is not the sole responsibility of the Organizer - promote the show on your fb pages, in your fb groups, fliers in your church, in stores you shop in, in your own shop or office if you have one, at every show you are at prior to this event - you may even want to invite current clients, previous buyers, your friends and family, a bulk buyer or supplier, etc personally with a separate email or even an actual handwritten invitation! *I can supply you with flier designs - I will even make the flier showcase your booth at no charge! 2. STAY CONNECTED & INFORMED! Vendors must LIKE & FOLLOW the event page so they will get show info and any updates from organizer. Make sure the event email is in your contact list so emails do not go to Junk or Spam folders. 3. GIFT BAGS: Vendors participating in GIFT Bags must mail or drop off their mktg materials no later than Feb 20th. 4. EQUIPMENT: Booth Space includes one 6ft Table. Vendors will supply their own add'l tables, decor and display pieces. All tables require skirting or long cloths to hide any items beneath the tables that are not for sale- and to keep show looking nice & neat! 5. ARRIVAL & SET-UP: Set up details will be forwarded to each vendor within 2 weeks of the show date. Vendors will unload then MOVE VEHICLE to designated vendor parking area. Please make sure you are following the fb page to keep updated on this and other vendor issues! 6. BREAKDOWN: Vendors are NOT permitted to breakdown booth before the event closes for any reason! Breakdown does not begin until the show is over to give last minute shoppers time to vacate. *If you must leave before end of show, cover your tables and put a sign out "So sorry I had to Leave - Please visit me at www.yourshopname.com" or similar - and return after the show closes to break down the booth. 7. PROPER CONDUCT: Be pleasant to other vendors. No negative talk about other vendors or their products, the event itself, etc - you will be asked to leave and cover your table/s. Guests DO pick up on your energy so stay positive & happy. 8. SAMPLING: Be friendly to our guests and always ask for permission to sample a product on them ;) 9. DOOR PRIZE is OPTIONAL. A terrific way to market your business! Min. Value $10 - if you do not want to give away product, consider a Gift Certificate or Voucher to be used in your booth at this show or within a certain sale, on your website, etc. Door Prizes will be drawn every 30 minutes! 10. NO REFUNDS for this show - If you must pull out of show for any reason, you may transfer your spot to another vendor in same category (or other on approval- you will recoup your booth fee from them). *Registration Fees are used for venue, marketing, signage, printing costs, design fees, permits, and other costs incurred specific to an event. THIS SHOW IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC! NOTE: a Vendor TO-DO list will be sent to you within 2 weeks after your payment is received. Vendors will complete these simple tasks within 5 days. Tasks include things like connecting on fb, email, etc - so you stay connected and aware of any changes ;) Thanks! *NOT ABIDING BY RULES PRIOR TO EVENT ARE GROUNDS FOR FORFEITURE WITH NO REFUND* *NOT ABIDING BY RULES DURING THE SHOW will result in being BANNED from future GSN, HE4Lth, HappyEssentials4Life or any event organized by Cyndie Bumgarner in future. Let's all make this event a terrific COMMUNITY Event!
A MAX of 2 vendors in each sub-category will be allowed at this show with no more than 4 allowed within a given category (like MakeUp). Pls choose the category that BEST FITS your company (or what you will be focused on promoting) * Further sub-categories may apply within sub-categories listed (ex: Kitchen)
Vendor Options *
*Pls choose option you are most interested in for this show - your choice can be changed during payment registration. All booths include one table - IF YOU NEED MORE pls bring add'l + all booth decor and table coverings. All tables must be covered and/or skirted to hide any non-sellable items or storage beneath the tables. * EARLY BIRD PRICING
Sponsorship Opportunities
Currently accepting Premier, Associate, Media & Vendor Sponsors. Please indicate if you are interested in this option. **SPONSORSHIP packages begin at $250 and INCLUDE BOOTH SPACE! *See Sponsorship Details on Registration page or ask for a copy to be sent to your email.
Door Prize donations will be used as Door Prizes or combined into baskets for Drawing or Included in Raffle for NONPROFIT. ATTACH YOUR CARD & VALUE to your door prize! *Prizes MUST BE RECEIVED no later than Sept 24th. TY!
Do you plan to Add to the Bag? FREE to EARLY BIRD VENDORS who register by deadline! $10 for 25 Swag Bags given out to first 25 shoppers or registrants or $20 to also include in Digital Goodies promoted on website, blog and social media! Participation is not required but this is an excellent way to get more shoppers to spend more time in your booth, go to your website/shop and potentially purchase ;) Consider more than a business card! Add a treat or a small sample (mini sample, scent card, color cards - Get Creative!!!) plus a Special Coupon just for the limited number of shoppers you choose to market it to is a great way to push a certain item or service, visit your shop repeatedly, and refer you to their friends! List what you want to add to the Gift Bags below ;) Mail or Drop off your marketing materials with Door Prize no later than Feb 20th.
Booth Availability *
No booth is promised or confirmed until payment is made. Vendors are accepted on a "first come basis"; however, categories will have caps as to number of vendors in a given category. See website or contact me for more info on your category!
Market Research *
How did you learn about the September Ladies Lifestyle Show hosted by the Girls Shopping Network?
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service providers

Looking for any service that can be given as a gift - Hair Salons, Massage, Day Spa, Elective Surgery, etc + Classes (cooking, art, guns, etc)

*Can't be there? Add to our Gift Bags & Door Prizes to market to our guests!


Whether you offer handmade decor or sell vintage clothing, high end baby clothes, or offer a boutique experience - GSN shows are a great place to build your customer base!

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